How to change row state

Some time you need to change the row status to be NEW instead on initalized

 ViewRowImpl row  = null;
    DCIteratorBinding  itr = ADFUtils.findIterator("DocTransHdrViewIterator");
 ViewObjectImpl vo = (ViewObjectImpl) itr.getViewObject();
 row = (ViewRowImpl) vo.createRow();

JNDI naming exception:javax.naming.NameNotFoundException when trying to create Connection factory

I faced a problem which is when trying to establish connection Factory to the JMS server that I have configured correctly , I got that error.
the following is the code

How to create Shared library for ADF application deployed on WLS

Suppose you have two application.The first one is called "MainApplication" that contains the main menu and login . The second one is called "HrSetupApplication" which contains some taskflows related to the HR system.

1- add a Manifest file to "HrSetupApplication"

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: Tarek Bakr
Extension-Name: opr.operationComm
Extension-Title: HRS setup as a sharedLib
Specification-Title: hrsSetupLib
Specification-Version: 1.0
Specification-Vendor: Tarek Bakr
Implementation-Title: Hr system as a library
Implementation-Version: 1.1
Implementation-Vendor: Tarek Bakr

2- weblogic.xml