How to create Shared library for ADF application deployed on WLS

Suppose you have two application.The first one is called "MainApplication" that contains the main menu and login . The second one is called "HrSetupApplication" which contains some taskflows related to the HR system.

1- add a Manifest file to "HrSetupApplication"

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: Tarek Bakr
Extension-Name: opr.operationComm
Extension-Title: HRS setup as a sharedLib
Specification-Title: hrsSetupLib
Specification-Version: 1.0
Specification-Vendor: Tarek Bakr
Implementation-Title: Hr system as a library
Implementation-Version: 1.1
Implementation-Vendor: Tarek Bakr

2- weblogic.xml

Fixing UIShell : Components in welcome facet are not shown

Jdeveloper version is 12.2.1 running on windows 10 machine
I have created ADF fusion application with model and viewcontroller projects.

the unbounded task flow contains three pages : login ,homeUIShell ,and hrUIShell

homeUIShell and hrUIShell are baed on UIShell template.
"login" page  is not based on any template. it is a blank page contains only one button to navigate to homeUIShell page.

in the homeUIShell page , I add a calendar component in the welcome facet. this is the jsf code of the homeUIShell